Poem: A Lasso on my Heart – 15/08/20

I’ve got a lasso on the moon and I’m holding him
so close to me,
his glow causes me such 
excitement and trembling,
because my hold on the moon is tight, 
though it is gentle enough to be kind,
and I know that our love for one another,
it is spectacular, it feels utterly right.
And here resides a man in the moon, why, he curses and scorns,
he is jealous of the Moon's and my love
thinking that I am set to take Moon away,
quietly, he is right,
I vow to snatch Moon from him with all my might.
This is not to say this man in the moon will be extracted,
nor will he be sent away to a land of unknown,
he can remain if he wishes to do so,
but he must understand my love for Moon is more
than he can ever have thought he’d be capable of performing,
let alone feel or inherently know.
I have a lasso on the moon but the moon has a lasso on my heart,
it seems like we’ll forever be entwined,
and never shall we part.
Moon smiles at me gently, and he wisely says,
“We must keep Man in the Moon wrapped within our hearts,
because if not, it is cruel to hurt another being's soul that way.”
I cry, “If only the pesky man in the moon would accept his relegation,
it’s not so harsh,
it’s simply a slight demotion.”
But Moon shakes his head, beams sadly now, and holds my hand,
“Our love cannot last a second longer, if you’re unwilling to accept the man,”
and with a gentle tug, up and away goes the lasso from around my luminous love.
He and his friend rise like a balloon into the night sky,
and take pride of place where everyone can all share in admiring their spirited light.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

This poem has been written in response to Manic Sylph’s Writing Prompt #77, “I’ve got a lasso on the moon”. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for reading!

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