poem: wonder – 20/12/21

I don’t wonder about the beauty of the moonlight I never question the luminosity of the stars what they mean when they’re together burning up in arms I don’t want to see them fall shoot across the sky because they’re already perfection in stationary twinkling searing being diamonds slicing the serenity of my eyes as I gaze into the epiphanies of my solar tides I can be without existing so it seems in this world, creation of myself affirmations I use as treatment my words treasure the ephemeral nights lit by haunting future days [...]

Poem: Serendipity – 05/05/21

My eyes digest the scene before me, taking in every minute detail. I cannot fathom what is greeting me, but my appreciation, it will never cease nor fail. The Universe has sent this beauty and perfection, I am delighted by the colours, so bright, surging are my emotions, I have all the time I need in this life, a moment of delightful contemplation. [...]