Poem: Serendipity – 05/05/21

My eyes digest the scene before me, taking in every minute detail. I cannot fathom what is greeting me, but my appreciation, it will never cease nor fail. The Universe has sent this beauty and perfection, I am delighted by the colours, so bright, surging are my emotions, I have all the time I need in this life, a moment of delightful contemplation. [...]

Poem: Rolling Waves and Green Pastures – 02/10/20

Rolling waves in my mind pass by, sumptuous, decadent, tidal, in their own time, I smile to myself as I feel the ebb and the flow of my thoughts travel singularly then as one, a conglomeration of multitudes, my will, coming along so beautifully, they could temporarily stun. This is my time, my springtime of my middle youth, where I have now grown and prematurely gone to pasture and I am taking in all I can [...]