Poem: Serendipity – 05/05/21

My eyes digest the scene before me, taking in every minute detail. I cannot fathom what is greeting me, but my appreciation, it will never cease nor fail. The Universe has sent this beauty and perfection, I am delighted by the colours, so bright, surging are my emotions, I have all the time I need in this life, a moment of delightful contemplation. [...]

Poem: Rolling Waves and Green Pastures – 02/10/20

Rolling waves in my mind pass by, sumptuous, decadent, tidal, in their own time, I smile to myself as I feel the ebb and the flow of my thoughts travel singularly then as one, a conglomeration of multitudes, my will, coming along so beautifully, they could temporarily stun. This is my time, my springtime of my middle youth, where I have now grown and prematurely gone to pasture and I am taking in all I can [...]

Poem: Paper Cranes and Airplanes – 09/09/20

She sits there with paper at the ready wondering what it is that should keep herself busy, the beauty and wonder of creating a paper crane or a slick air-mobile to cut the air so precisely. The crane calls to her, the idea of it makes her heart flutter with hope, what is about formations in paper that can provide another being with the ability to broaden their emotional scope? [...]

Poem: Wildflowers – 23/08/20

Wildflowers aren’t only beautiful because they’re free, they beckon to us from between the blades of grass, thick trunks of trees, their scent permeates the fields, tickles our noses when we bend to admire, we must understand their beauty’s power.   They are softer in texture than they look, just like many of us, who [...]

Poem: Bloated Wattle Buds – 07/07/20

Delicate wattle buds hanging preciously in the air, framed by their yawning captor who, with great regiment keeps them together.   The picturesque scene a corner-bound introvert’s dream, stems forcefully held in Captor’s cavity, like binding a spell, there is intention, this method has been carefully crafted.   While one may initially joyfully glance upon [...]