Poem: An Unexpected Arrival – 12/12/20

An unexpected arrival,
shrieks and joy to be had,
family, friends and more,
there’s not need to feel alone or bad.

We sit and chat,
I stand and embrace,
my heart is emboldened,
of you, there is no trace,

I am ecstatic in this moment,
surrounded by those I love,
and those she loves,
her day was blessed,
with much pomp and circumstance,
the surprise could never go a negative way.

Be bright and smile with us,
we are a unit, a family,
be strong with us,
we have woven wefts that continue
strengthening and growing.

Illness has surprisingly made us closer,
the requirements, the needs, the wants,
the vulnerabilities,
the desire to fight,
the need to be strong.

We need not concern ourselves with nonsense
or upsets that are not required towards
her healing,
bone dry are our eyes
because we do not need any form of weeping.

The visit was brief,
the visit was unexpected,
but it broke up the time we were
quietly relaxing,
and I thank them for their dropping in,
to share some happiness,
to share with our joy within.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash


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