Poem: Moving on Out – 30/04/21

Things may seem unwarranted, like the Universe has delivered 'unfair', and mental aches pain you from knowing that from this place, you'll soon have to vacate here. But know that while you've been dealt certain undesirable cards, feel the warmth and concern of others, you don't need to trip, nor fall hard. How to escape a circumstance you particularly are loathe to leave? Much rather remain, would you, [...]

Poem: An Eventful Evening – 27/04/21

A rambling here and there, a touch, a smile, humour is in the air, comfortability, company contained, thoughts shared, all aboard the rise and fall of the train. I don’t feel awry, do you? They shake their head, they know not to speak their truths, for if it were known how nervous one felt, the pressures of the heart would have to be spoke, a heart would have to admit [...]

Prose Poetry: Dancers from my Dreamscape – 27/04/21

Perhaps there’s a waltz in the room while I’m stuck in my head. I imagine the costumes, the dresses, so pretty. The lightness of step, but winding of intents, I wish I could join them. But here I am, a quiet observer instead. The pairs of beautiful dancers, they twirl and slide, their feet lilting gently, heads and eyes held high. They are sure to be admired; the sum of their grace is a strong total. They are a sight to behold, in my mind, in my mind, in my mind. Their fluidity is whole. [...]

Poem: Freedom Heart – 22/04/21

Strident tones announced from the bell of a trumpet, I’d smile but I won’t show it, I thought this was the chance to recommence, but now, it’ll all be past tense. To progress from the murky muck, a heart flitters nervously, a gut’s contents begins to rot, I thought I could do this, I thought I was strong, but it seems the better route is to go where I am accepted and [...]

Prose Poetry: Illuminate – 19/04/21

Sometimes, there’s something magical in the air. You can feel it permeating your skin, your muscles, the tendrils of your hair, that electrifying feeling that courses through your very veins, warming you and making you feel loved, and reassuring you that everything, everything will be okay. There is a time in the future when you will feel this, too, don’t worry your heart about whether it will come, or if it won’t, when, how, or where, [...]

Poem: Hush – 15/04/21

Sometimes I want to be quiet, far from conceited, too loud and proud, humble is what I will be, I smile before I speak, think before I utter, aloud. Quiet contemplation is what is needed in this case, I won’t allow my heart to fail me, should words, lest they go to waste, annihilate the need for acknowledgement freely. I know it is important [...]