Poem: Spiritual Names – 25/04/21

A name rolled off the tongue, 
started with a stammer, ended with an “A”, 
I was not upset, I would not be swayed, 
I was not irritated, I would not be saddened, 
I would not allow myself to feel hurt or even 
burdened or betrayed. 

A slip of the tongue, 
shall we look this up? 
Perhaps a spiritual name, 
underlying of sorts. 

And then we found it, 
beautiful description, 
suited to a T, 
was this the Universe’s way of highlighting 
its secret name for me?

As I read on, 
I smiled, 
it described me in ways that fit, 
although there was some advice I didn’t agree with, 
I wouldn’t allow my heart to dip –

I remember at a time wondering what or even if 
I had a soul name for me, 
or whether it was what I was named by my loved ones, 
Miss Lauren M, the assigned name for me. 

Have I now discovered my spiritual name? 
Perhaps, perhaps I have not, 
but the process was lovely all the same, 
and I liked reading those kindly written words, 
and for the one who rolled off the name from his tongue, 
his real name is meant to remain, 
maybe the same is to be spoken for my chosen, given name.

Maybe there’s no need to search for something else 
when there’s no need to replace.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Slava on Unsplash

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