Poem: At Peace – 25/04/21

I sit, 
and I am at peace with myself. 

My wants, my necessities, checked in at the door. 
I am stronger internally, than ever before. 

All I took was to shed some skin, and take in the light, 
the light from an orb. 

I harness that energy, 
to be exuberant, 
there’s nothing to waste, 

butterflies, butterflies, 
my kind and theirs, 
their presence is an absolute, 
perfect, intense. 

Open doors and dangerous paths, 
beckon to me, 
sing to me, 

come thick, 
come sure, 
come fast,

but I know better than to play 
in the land of Inbetween, 
where imagination doth soar, 
and reality is but a dream.

Should I really reside in the real world? 
I then ask myself. 
My time upon this earth is gathering dust, dust motes, 
but if this were worth a try, would I become lesser,

This and that is sheer nonsense.

Dreams deemed as nonsense but without them, 
how would we fly? 

Strength in numbers, 
strength in the heart, 
a chakra’s green surrounds my aura that shines forth,

its steady pulsating I own as mine,
those robust heartstrings are taut,
they are as much as yours, as much as mine,

fly butterfly, fly,
you live, you’ll live,
for but a short and splendid time. 

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Armand Khoury on Unsplash

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