Prose: A Trail of Winding Thoughts – 12/05/21

On the proviso of keen awareness, some can promise the world. Vivid, glorious, blossoming flowers, and pretty passions laid in a row. Everything given has a reason, or so it seems, amazing these moments are, they’re encouraging, they certainly please. And here presents confusion of the times, wait, the headiness of scented fruits scattered all around takes a free-for-all, but they are sublime. This situation seems profoundly positive, satisfying and amazing, soar with the scents, ride upon spread white dove's [...]

Poem: Evolution – 11/05/21

Evolution, absolution, ammunition, contradiction. I'm expected to pick among shreds of dignity like a seed-starved chicken, in the hopes of finding something worthy of contrition, but this 'matter' won’t be absolved with a preposterous predilection, words like a loaded gun, emotional hostage, a 'Stockholm' situation. [...]

Poem: In Pieces, Yet Whole – 09/05/21

I try to be at peace but in aching pieces I’ve become, my time is my leisure, but transient will I be, like the searing sun, so beautiful it was to romanticise cold, bare reality, actions speak as loud at words, can you hear certain needs calling? I watch the alliance come undone, each spoke of a black widow’s web detaches, rip, tears, and then hand over heart, [...]

Poem: Serendipity – 05/05/21

My eyes digest the scene before me, taking in every minute detail. I cannot fathom what is greeting me, but my appreciation, it will never cease nor fail. The Universe has sent this beauty and perfection, I am delighted by the colours, so bright, surging are my emotions, I have all the time I need in this life, a moment of delightful contemplation. [...]

Poem: A Rapid Black Cat – 04/05/21

A black cat streaks before my path, I shriek, I'm afraid to ask! What is Superstitious Kitty doing running, flitting, my heartbeat skips, then won't stop rapidly beating. I'm shocked out of my skin, does his or her appearance mean future bad luck for me? Should I avoid walking on cracks, be careful around mirrors, or am I simply being sad [...]