Poem: The Fool – 22/05/21

Why is it true that
I should pity the fool?
Why can’t I watch Jester
begrudgingly dance?

His intention to amuse
is something pure,
or at least it is
from a certain stance.

He lives his life
as a purposeful joke,
take him seriously?

No, that’s something
we best comprehend,
something we need to know.

No matter his desire,
his role and sense of
greatness will not grow,
he’s part of a social structure,
a circumstance,

and because society views him
as a source of humour only,
how can he ever be
taken seriously?

He knows, he knows
his role, his place
is to present to the king,
a man so amazing,
to hold the presence of
such a man,
why some would be envious,
but others, not give
a damn,
authority to them
does not impress,
to royalty they’re impervious.

But to hold court
with the Crown,
not as an equal,
but as a joke,
as amusement,
meant that ego had to be

to be known as a fool
when there’s so much
within the mind,
behind that frozen expression
upon his face,
his presence, his being,
truly, foolishly,
gone to complete waste.  

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by John Nail from Pexels

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