Poem: A Rapid Black Cat – 04/05/21

A black cat streaks before my path,
I shriek,
I’m afraid to ask!
What is Superstitious Kitty doing
running, flitting,
my heartbeat skips,
then won’t stop rapidly beating.

I’m shocked out of my skin,
does his or her appearance mean
future bad luck for me?

Should I avoid walking on cracks,
be careful around mirrors,
or am I simply being sad
for caring about a jet black cat
that happened to rush,
to hurtle on past?

Or, should I carry on my day
with great confidence and aplomb,
wondering not to myself whether
the events of my day will come undone?

I decide I should hold my head up high,
cast aside superstition to the sky,
believe in logic and truth,
well, now I know what to do!

‘Twas a silly moment of fear in my mind,
too many campfire stories
and cabin tales to delve into from memories
that were rather easy to find,

and now I must move forward,
remembering that there is no bad luck
from a cat just because of its shade,

I will carry on, carry on,
be brave in your day,
as my aunt would reassuringly say.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Raquel Pedrotti on Unsplash

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  1. I Forewarded your poem to a childhood friend whose has a young black cat Callie !
    I got this reply from her :
    Thank you, that is a great poem and I love it. Too bad people are superstitious about a black cat and don’ even know how loving and gentle they are! They are wonderful pets and I wouldn’t change anything about Callie and her color! Thank you again, she wrote a wonderful poem. I wish everyone thought of black cats a good luck and not the other way. We love Callie, and her color has nothing to do with why we adopted her although black cats are not adopted as much as others. Just because they are black!!!!!!!!


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