Poem: Serendipity – 05/05/21

My eyes digest the scene before me,
taking in every minute detail.
I cannot fathom what is greeting me,
but my appreciation,
it will never cease nor fail.

The Universe has sent this beauty and perfection,
I am delighted by the colours,
so bright,
surging are my emotions,
I have all the time I need
in this life,
a moment of delightful contemplation.

I am permitted the pleasure of
eyes being treated to richness and truth,
the glowing sun,
the blossoming daffodils,
the beds of other flowers
spread through and through.

I trail my dress as I lithely
walk the paths
of the quiet garden where
flora becomes anew,
these delights help the world through their abundance,
I create with them,
pluck, pick, and arrange,
trailing thoughts on an off-white page.

I say yes,
I affirm my existence
within this bubble of a world,
the scent, while maybe overwhelming,
wraps its arms around me,
Serendipity, Serendipity,
my presence has a requirement,
a gentle, humble need to tell.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Yoksel 🌿 Zok on Unsplash

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