Poem: Dissatisfaction… – 08/05/21

Providing them with
more and more,
but not enough to be satisfied,
at those cruel, thoughtless words,
envision the door.

I give and give
and it’s apparently well-received,
only to find out
it’s not enough,
how much should I be
expected to give?

Bitter words escape
loose fingers,
realising error
they hush and then leave,

bereft, bereft,
because there’s something hindered,
something, which if extended,
would be so well-received.

It’s not my role to
fulfil a position,
their slight disgusts me
right now,

after all that I’ve done,
been there for them,
and now true thoughts
are again taking control.

Is this what they truly think of me?
So little,
their opinion, with frustration,
comes out to demean,

how dare they,
how dare you,
look what you’ve done,

my role is not to solve your problem,
lash out,
I’ve had enough,

I’m completely done.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by cloudvisual on Unsplash

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