Poem: In Pieces, Yet Whole – 09/05/21

I try to be at peace
but in aching pieces I’ve become,
my time is my leisure,
but transient will I be,
like the searing sun,

so beautiful it was to
romanticise cold, bare reality,
actions speak as loud as words,
can you hear certain needs calling?

I watch the alliance come undone,
each spoke of a black widow’s web
detaches, rips, tears,
and then hand over heart,

lip to cheek kiss,
now steer clear,
this has ceased to be fun.

I know that I could be
sympathetic and overly understanding,
but I won’t continue to
accept bad behaviour and words
when they’re provided knowingly.

And so here I am,
detailing in a nightly haze,
almost 2am,

I could reach out,
heal what damage has been done,
but why should I?
This rubbish is happening again,
and again.

If I decided to,
I could claim being victim of cruel, cruel,
hapless words,

this time I’ll wait it out,
I have self-love,
and firm respect for myself.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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