Poem: Hush – 15/04/21

Sometimes I want to be quiet, far from conceited, too loud and proud, humble is what I will be, I smile before I speak, think before I utter, aloud. Quiet contemplation is what is needed in this case, I won’t allow my heart to fail me, should words, lest they go to waste, annihilate the need for acknowledgement freely. I know it is important [...]

Poem: Quality – 09/04/21

I darn the threadbare blanket, there are weaves showing to me, I’m not alarmed by its fragility, it’s actually perfect to see, because it signals much use, desirous times, this blanket speaks of laughter, friendship and truth, is loving deemed a crime? This blanket’s been with me through a lot, covering, securing, protecting, I darn the holes away, [...]

Poem: Sway – 07/04/21

A dainty bow signals a gentle approach,  the lady will accept without any form of reproach.  She takes his hand and they twirl, swirl with glee,  palm to palm now,  solemnity,  there is no chance to flee.  In perfect style, they then waltz and careen, to others it’s as though their joyfulness has ne’er been seen,  but today, it is on show, [...]