Poem: Welcoming Humanity – 17/08/21

I lived a dream
so raw, impure,
and now it seems
my path’s demure.

Remaining chaste,
living only for good,
giving to the common man and woman
like I know I should.

Smiles all around,
humble lips and ears,
braggart not,
enlightening my path
as I resurrect it,

my journey as I learn it
I correct it,
I accomplish some of my finest
whilst living life in earnest.

Ask me not of
prior names,
accolades nor
feigned dames,

no time assured
from then to now,
ask me not,
for I won’t tell
nor frown!

Undoing that which
needed to die,
needles prickling
where sleepin’ dogs lie,
leave the past,
search the present with haste,
tomorrow is but a date,
cement my fate!

I can rest assured
that future truths
will be enriched with
bounty of beauty,
experiences willed,
impassioned by thy Source,
my energy thrives and lives,
peace be unto
this urchin, my sins
I decided to forgive.

Prior memories don’t last,
I’m thankful to not recall,
all in all
I’m living, breathing
my all,

my search for myself,
and my treasured path,
with warmth,
humanity is finally welcoming me,
great love at last.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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