Poem: Bright – 21/08/21

Nothing to be depressed about, so positive, so joyous – so free, encumbered paths we could say but ecstatic I choose to be, it’s about which side to view and walk alongside Life, I could pinpoint, acknowledge, tiny points of strife, elaborate, with magnitude, some attitude filled with, rife, with annoyance, with irritation, or feelings of ‘discrimination’. [...]

Poem: Adore – 20/08/21

Tempt the temptress, her former lucid life, where round and about the memories her behaviour once was rife, and haunting her, within her sheets is music sounding on repeat, that jingle jangle, emotive, replete, hanging on the edge, fumbled footsteps on a road so steep, into history these words shall keep. Taunt not the woman for being dumb- founded by the options before her, numb, was she, her vision pure, or so it seemed, far less than demure. [...]

Poem: Viewing Me – 19/08/21

White hot memory sears within, anointed scars invisible yet protruding, baring all that could be seen whilst disguising what’s most precious to me. A walking conundrum, I want to be viewed but not open for judgement or to be perused. [...]ted and done, one and three, lucky thirteen, has it be so very long? Choices made do not matter, it was a different life, no one’s going to be affected anymore, but me, tarred reputation need not matter; I’ll never hear the sound of pitter-patter. Nowadays, I’m renewed, life path though somewhat directionless to some, I still achieve small tasks daily, becoming more, myself I’m learning to be amazed with, for compared the how crumbled I’d be as a total sum, it made me wish to sob, to cru, here I am, reigning triumphant, with a precious relationship between heart and mind, beating, pounding, ecstatic, for forward, tomorrow, this journey means everything. (12/08/21) Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Poem: Her Sorcery – 13/08/21

Haunted are her eyes above a winsome smile, wistful character is she, hoping for more in a while. Fallen by the wayside, all her trickery, her witchery, her cosmetics, her haberdashery. By goodness what is told beneath those furrowed brows? Heavy times envisaged, poignant moments told, she loves to flicker her eyes from the land to the sea, a calming peacefulness takes over she. [...]