Poem: ‘Tween Hearts – 15/08/21

Wonder streams through gaps
‘tween trees,
shrubbery welcomes gusty breeze,
laughter twinkles above horizon seam,
magic brightens eyes,
I’ve no inclination to leave this scene.

Hands entrust
something precious ‘neath
benevolent sun,
heart pounds,
mood ecstatic,
forged bonds,
yes! Cries of yes
affirms tearful nods.

It’s the beginning
of something precious,
glimmer in excess,
gems cut a shine,
refractions bold,
I stress,

dances of rainbow shimmer
upon her delicate finger,
his proud chest puffed forth
in a glorious manner,
as though a proud peacock,
strutting about now
with his love,
eternal partner,
fervent dove,
his salvation,
his lucky treasure,
his precious love,
now and forever.

The breeze bears witness
to this union,
cemented, emphatic,
bold and nuanced,
there’s admiration within her eyes,
his cast grateful passion
as he glances nigh,
for they are as one,
wondrous breeze streams past their joy,
circumstance is hearts quickened,
such beauty before I.

And now I retreat into
the freshness of the forest,
thinking I’ve viewed something
so special,
deep down, I know,
I am aware, that
his manner, so articulate,
and her acceptance,
thus glorious,
is enough to decide
that in my life,
I’ll welcome every warm,
heartfelt circumstance
with enveloping acceptance.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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