Poem: unravel – 20/12/21

talisman of hope
I carry ye about my being with designs in my mind
for our unravelling
not in the sense of introspection
but in the sense of revelation and then expression
then confession
then redemption
internally, extroverted these have been performed
by myself I have gone through the process
the best therapy was that which I provided myself
analytical painstaking study of the self
my actions my world
and could I go any further with the help of another —
of course,
I could delve fall deep and hard and grasp all of my concepts
my broken areas my weaknesses
but I don’t want to
I’ve mended myself enough
and now
this is time to soar
to explore with colours and words
my universe our universe what God has given to us
and I see the tapestry of the world now
with its stitches, weavings of colourful wool and such
perhaps gentle shining silken thread
I’m not sure who has contributed to this art
there are no names no tags no copyrights
just a share
a conglomeration of beauty and pain and wonder and hope
and everything within the existence of the human feeling scope
it pains me to view some areas but I will move on move on
from these emotions because the way I want to live
to operate to breathe
is with a sense of reverence and freedom
immense gratitude for this life that I live.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

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