Poem: this i do attest – 21/12/21

nurturing the wonder within though feeling
the danger in the abdomen
the fleshy goodness the soft decision
the wondering the knowing
what’s right for myself or them
I don’t know how to express these thoughts
without knowing
knowing that there was an urge
but its peeled away now as though designed by trial

and signing away my signature
my life with my raven pen
shall I defend my honour
or allow it to expend?

they are yet to exist though they’re on this plane
ethereal beings awaiting to be named
I sing to their honour I know they will shine
their existence is not a myth –
I will prove this without any trysts and yet…
the magic is deep within me
these beings they shine bright.

shall I name them
as Beauty and Delight
or Inspiration and Creativity?
do not slay them
my heart, you’ll kill me
if they are to go
I must exit stage left,
this I do attest.

The matter of the hemisphere
within my mind
why, I carry this orb, I ride with it, trident, merman, styled
in lusty arms?
his arms embrace, his form envelopes
my heart doth so race,
rabid be the entity that carries me away with haste.

I am tumultuous I am the fervent style that whiles away
in your den
scribbling away with pen and pad
while he looks down his nose,
smile, condescend,
you did not make me,
you broke me and now I prove to thee
that I am repaired beyond any other misgiving
my honour you need never dare defend.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Ashley Piszek on Unsplash

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