eye of light

the eye of light, it sees

it delivers, it brings forth the time of carriages and wandering nomads
and princesses and nightshades
it speaks of wonder and prisms and eyes
I, I, I’s, that glare at me,
glint at me,
surreptitiously, but… not really.

I sit and wonder with him by my side, the one true support that we have to ride,
and see the timing here is bliss because i know this,
he is there for me, unlike those whom wish to subsist upon my energies,
crush me with metaphoric ease, rise above their blatant cries,
I shan’t commence no shudders,
I will rise and rise and rise until sunset hits the source of power.

I’m going to be seen soon, apparently, he claims, he tries to warn me to put the laptop away,
for they will ask, ask away what is it you dictate today from the words of gods, well here there feels no god for me at this present moment, this disgusting method I breathe, I feel angst, anxiety, vile suffocation I feel immense chest paining…


– Unicorns dance in great celebration.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.


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