poem: moonlight – 19/02/21

Photo by Vedad Colic on Pexels.com
I do not determine destiny. Nor do I guide my own fate.
But I can manipulate the circumstances, make sure I arrive to those very, very late.
There is truth often seen in the mirror
or in the soundscapes in my mind
they’re better off acknowledged
listened to,
the voice felt within, what is being said inside.

It’s not a cloying tone
in fact it has no sound at all
its the pinnacle of the total life cycle though is
as pretty as a rhododendron.

Quieten passageways of the subliminal mind
address doors and escapes which you were not meant to find
understand the gravity of life which is so soon
the joyous times
soon to revive
to allow me to see them

wander not the garden of displacement
nor aggravate myself about being at a specific time and place,
I can conjure the punctuality later
there’s no time for me to address
this panic
what matters most is we fix this, assuredly, without nuclear, nor guns
to be provided as of late.

Peaceful is the potency,
the calm is in the before the storm,
where we view the situation reverently
and carry on
carry on.

I do not realise entirely how far their interruptions
will go,
although I am solidified, I am gentrified
and I am neither paralysed
nor shocked and untamed,
the land here, is quiet, peaceful, cool,
and I will dance, with my grandma,
I will dance ‘neath the full moon.
© Copyright 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved. 
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