new life

what i need to do

what im trying to do

is clear the toxicity from my words and my mind

its a journeying

its a process

humbling it is in style

to wake up and realise how irreverent I’ve been

so utterly disrespectful to the ones i love and need

i am ruining them i have ruined them

their hearts and minds within a dream

by aching words i am now suffering

feeling the pain at knowing what i said how i spoke

was far less than comfortable or tame

i can only bleed so much energy for i am splattering with ease

the ink blots the chimney tops

roar to life as burn pillage the hunted one

but i am here i am resting relaxing my ailing mind

and somehow ill know ILL KNOW that i will make it through again

turning over those hinting leaves
and reassuming my good goals

(c) Copyright 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.


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