Poem: serendipity – 21/02/22

Image from Pixabay

There was serendipity one night,

Fate was there to be seen.

Through an hourglass or an oculus

Spirits there to dream.

But these were not pleasant,

They stole away my breath,

Gasp, hope,

The murder they intended,


Nasty little boys,

Irreverent scope.

Will never happen,

They will not achieve this intention,

However ill meant.

The pathways they are eradicating,

Newest tunnelling,


Like the spider that she was,

No longer is,

She loves in singular, not deuce,

Never three,

And for the whirling in her mind,

Taps of coffee cups,

One two and three,

Been talking and talking

All morning for hours,

Please, won’t you let it be??

(C) 2022. Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.

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