Poem: Stagnated Time – 01/05/21

The minutes seem so long, the second-hand drags likefingernails in sand and broken glass,I'm impatient to know the answer,but I'm terrified to even ask. Tell me, what point is therein waiting, in watching the vapour of my breathcloud my vision, obscure with fog?The truth we will discover yet. I refuse to beg or sob. Ache [...]

Prose Poetry: Illuminate – 19/04/21

Sometimes, there’s something magical in the air. You can feel it permeating your skin, your muscles, the tendrils of your hair, that electrifying feeling that courses through your very veins, warming you and making you feel loved, and reassuring you that everything, everything will be okay. There is a time in the future when you will feel this, too, don’t worry your heart about whether it will come, or if it won’t, when, how, or where, [...]

Poem: The Search – 04/02/21

Tree-man gathers and smiles in the plains that are his own, shrubs and bushes alongside also grin and rustle, they watch as he explores his land, attends to the fallen leaves as gently as if each were a sacred sign, they are, in fact, because they’re quietly home grown. Each delicate marking, each unique shade of yellow, brown or green makes his heart swoon, his mood heady [...]

Poem: A Timely Smile – 28/01/21

This smile, she is timely, she has arrived well and alive, with her presence her owner will revive, feel stronger, amazing, and whole. There were calls for her demise, suffocations of her interior, breath caught in her lungs, catching at the escape, wishing for the air never to be free nor fly, but now, a rapid sigh of relief, [...]

Poem: Breaking News – 27/01/21

The journey is almost over, the pain, the suffering, the ailing, all to be washed away from the nights and the mornings, the bravery is there to be seen, highs, lows, during so much time, she’s been stoic throughout it all, the therapy has not seized her courage, or taken away her positivity, she’s been fighting and carrying on throughout what has sometimes been a struggle, demonstrating her resilience and capabilities. [...]

Poem: Bright Stars – 07/11/20

Bright stars shine in my eyes, I soak them in like they’re available to take for all mine, to pluck at them and stow away into my hidden spaces, into the cracks and tears that have been left by the decisions that I thought wouldn’t result in this, where time is the only cure. I’ve never been here before, beneath this sea of sparkle that encompasses and revolutionises my mind and memories, [...]

Poem: Paper Cranes and Airplanes – 09/09/20

She sits there with paper at the ready wondering what it is that should keep herself busy, the beauty and wonder of creating a paper crane or a slick air-mobile to cut the air so precisely. The crane calls to her, the idea of it makes her heart flutter with hope, what is about formations in paper that can provide another being with the ability to broaden their emotional scope? [...]