reflection: sadness and awakening – 29/03/22

On this path of awakening, sometimes sadness overwhelms me. Today, I spent mostly in bed, sleeping away the misery. I have stagnated, all energies no longer move forth, I snipe, I want to be heard, but in complaining, my head is then bitten off, my thoughts fail to unwind.

I don’t need solutions, I need to be listened to, and that realisation needed to be attended to. But then words like a drill sergeant were barked in my ear; I wanted to retreat, sleep further, have the cruel tone nowhere near.

I am rarely like this. So when I am, I want to be allowed to wallow, be morose, as some might put it. The answer is this: just listen, do not yell nor hiss, I don’t need raised voices, what I need is kindness.

Eventually it arrived. I thanked them for this.

(c) 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Photo by darksouls1 from Pixabay.


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