Poem: Free Falling – 02/03/20

Out of the window where my tears fall, fall, fall, rich and ravenous am I for the salt which is encompassed by all.   They sting my eyes,  this liquid drawn from the depths of my despair, the lingering victimisation of my soul, I don’t want to become air.   I feel real, more alive [...]

Poem: Hollow Eyed – 13/10/19

She hides between the curtains and the window from nothing in particular, allowing herself to view the wide-eyed smiling moon casting its dancing light upon the dew dotted grass; a nightly view so familiar.   The brightness is expansive in her vision compared to the darkened room which she calls her home, where upon the [...]

Poem: The Smile – 25/09/19

The Smile causes such greatness of cheer wherever he happens to travel or whatever he happens to go near.  His charismatic image bears much bubbling mirth and joy dispels any negativity or unwarranted misery which others may know of but for some reason cannot erase away -helplessly they’d cry, "Why?"   One look upon his [...]