Prose: Celestial Beings – 30/03/21

I wonder where we go as we sleep; I wonder where we travel within our dreams. Do we rise from our consciousness, into the cluster of the atmosphere, smiling, giggling, intertwining? I understand that some won’t dream, while others are cloaked with an ailment of not being able to see, while others are afforded the opportunity of recollection; they remember their dreams. Their moments of deep introspection. 

Poem: Rested Mind – 10/02/21

We went through isolation, lockdown for many months, we craved human interaction, now I treasure tranquillity by myself. Before, being between four walls had caused me much distress, now I enjoy the hush of it, instrumental to my peace, the meditative nature of my success. It’s not that I don’t treasure being around family and friends, it’s not that I’m not grateful that some restrictions were made [...]

Poem: Refreshing Confidence – 09/02/21

Refreshing is the scent of confidence, I see you breathe it in like a cure, it repairs and it adjusts you with love, the acceptance of yourself, with blessings from up above. Do not worry about whether the points of your life, the details, will all fit together, because within, you’ve grown far stronger, there is no more space for anyone but you, [...]

Poem: The Search – 04/02/21

Tree-man gathers and smiles in the plains that are his own, shrubs and bushes alongside also grin and rustle, they watch as he explores his land, attends to the fallen leaves as gently as if each were a sacred sign, they are, in fact, because they’re quietly home grown. Each delicate marking, each unique shade of yellow, brown or green makes his heart swoon, his mood heady [...]

Poem: Changes – 04/02/21

I liked the way the pain was numbed, as though an anaesthetist injected me, cruel jab to be kind, no feelings of any style, was it easier to not feel those emotions of old, none to be felt, seen, or held? I became empty, days monotonous, nothing to look forward to, that become pain in itself, the knowing that the unknowing promised all the much [...]

Poem: Personal Growth and Sunshine – 31/01/21

The sunshine drips through my windowpane, illuminating, brightening, my heart, my mind, I am finally at peace, there’s no need to search nor find, I am satisfied, satisfied with the breath of my life, my soul it feels so light and kind. Nevermore will I search arduously, high and low, painful, the path impatient but slow for completion through others, through acceptance and [...]