Poem: The Mauve Gown – 08/05/20

I need to stop I tell myself, I need to stop this now, the needle pulling through the silk, the soft material.   I can’t keep sewing, creating, making, while my heartbeat thuds and pounds, the danger’s lurking, my task’s undertaken, can I truly wear this garment loud and proud?   To them it announces [...]

Poem: When Words Won’t Speak – 06/05/20

When words won’t speak,  colours do, vibrant splashes, moody shadows, emotive characters, abstract patterns.   When I cannot find the right letters, or when I simply stutter, I bring forth emotional therapy, brilliant shades bleeding with highlights or slices of calming, iridescent colour.    Sometimes nothing lyrical comes out,  and I’m left with a blank, [...]

Poem: Down My Spine – 02/05/20

Chills and shivers run down my spine, how on earth am I meant to make this situation mine?   I carefully unstitch the woven seams that make myself me, and exalt, rejoice at viewing that which is the material of my dreams.   I witness here, I make my point of sharing what I view, [...]