Poem: Gentle Flower Petal – 11/10/20

Gentle flower petal,
how beautifully you twirl,
within the lake
amidst my reflection
that stares back,
showing something that’s
strangely unlike me,
not precisely the same,
but still heart strings are tugged,
emotions swirl.

Pink petal, pink petal,
how fragrant you must
have been
before you were immersed in this
seemingly picture-perfect scene.

And within this not-so-mirror image
which stares and stares right back,
I wonder to myself,
what is lacking?
And when will it come back
to my hands?

Perfect petal, you swim
as though you’re gently
treading water,
peacefully bobbing above
the waterline,
no flow to drag you under.

And as you enter my reflection
how you feel immersed
in the warmth that engulfs you,
so precious in this land you are.

You’re in uncharted territory,
you’re unknowing of the world in
which you’re floating,
even I cannot fathom my
true reflection
because I do not know
every turn,
every nook and cranny’s exploration.

But petals can get lost
down these winding paths,
there’s blockages,
scar tissue in the grooves
from life’s aftermath

but gently, Petal, you will float,
over and away,
only to return to explore again
another day.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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