Poem: The Vision – 29/12/20

And the proof is in the vision,
the truth is in the See,
the horizon is there to be admired,
by us, by you, by me.

We have triumphed over that which
causes us pain,
let us relish the moments,
the announcements,
one and many the same.

I think to myself often,
what has become of them?
I wonder to myself,
where is their part in my rose’s stem?

For the ability to have been supportive,
to be there for me when I needed them most is,
the proof is in the vision,
my memories,
they were there,
perhaps as one in a million,
they claimed to always care.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Chris Blonk on Unsplash


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