Poem: Vivid Waves – 01/07/21

Vivid waves heave then capitulate,
hooves upon sand,
gallant galloping,
sun-drenched love;
subtle stuttering,
nervous selection,
calm, controlling.

Rise forth, my tidal queen!
Wreak havoc upon all that
you might see,
open your waters,
a space to reside and breathe,
positive intent;
entangled seaweed.

Salted air attends to
loose hair,
beachy waves tossed, combed,
flicked, without concern,
fingers drag through piecey sections
without a single care,

and internally the
thunderous towering beauties
envelope a stray swimmer,
sadly, his time,
can’t you see?

Wondering, wandering,
bang, crash, decimated,
the still–mood in my mind,
I am plagued by naught,
freed by the fragranced sea air.

This is the air that I subsist on,
this is the air that I breathe,
envelope, my waves,
this tidal queen,
lest I settle beneath,
to my home underneath the sea.  

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Jess Vede from Pexels

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  1. Love it, dear Lauren. Reminds me of growing up near the coast. I love the ocean. And this line, “I am plagued by naught,
    freed by the fragranced sea air,” is gorgeous, and exactly so. Have a lovely day! ❤❤


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