Poem: Unexpected Callers – 29/06/21

I carefully consider the moments
that carry themselves
before me,
the cantankerous callers
embarking upon intrusion
at my door,
they knock and knock
at my bruised heart,
casually then insistent
their volume grows.

Obnoxious be these memories,
boring into my spirit
and my soul,
cataclysmic their cries become,
courageous I must be!

I fling open the windows,
the doors of my being,
allow them providence,
permit them entry
into the safe-houses of my
internal gaping wounds,
allow them to nestle,
making a home of them soon.

My self-awareness knows
their presence is at
a detriment to me,
but who else will house them,
these, my memories?
They are my responsibility.

And carefully, my wounds heal
all around them,
the callers,
they shudder and groan,
and now assimilated once more
within my flesh,
they are saved,
their salvation
was my process.

Here they can retire quietly,
be laid to rest,
no more pain,
no anguish,
no suffering,
oh, precious silence,
it is miraculous,
it is all-knowing.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Julia Volk from Pexels

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