poem: perform – 28/02/22

by Lauren M. Hancock
I wanna dance the night away
away from the tirades and smiles and the drains
from the bastards and the potions and the trees that won’t
bend to them
the portentous little rascals who think they have the best of them.

I won’t dance in the ocean, no, no,
I won’t dance in the lukewarm sea,
I won’t float in the bubbles where the fish might surface
without mermen
I won’t dance in the ocean
I won’t toil, succumb to the lot of them.

What I will do is this,
I’ll prance to Schumann and Liszt
and Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov
Prokofiev and Dvorak,
and then Mozart and Handel will grasp my heart
with the lot of them
I will perform Bruch and Lalo
and beg, no, beg, for future, golden tomorrows.

My violin, its fingerboard, blacker than the devil’s sin
demons alive within, won’t you reign them in?
And listen to my talent, reinstated through
tyrannous hard work,
I’ll make it, I’ll make it,
you’ll see, this body will perform.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Image from Pixabay  


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