Poem: reflection – 13/12/21

haven’t always been the best person
haven’t perpetually been the kindest human
in times of pain I lash out and let them have it
my heart, wounded, dripping by the bloodied scourge
and the very dagger sliced into my fragile ego
drips drip drippps with overt sentiment and angry vehemence
how dare I be slighted my mind will scream
how dare I be wronged my pride shall call
but the truth is, there are two sides to every story,
and I can’t always be stuck playing, rewinding Side B
hours and hours on repeat,
lyrically paining.

Side A has some truth to it, and best acknowledge,
acknowledge the words permeating, winding
so freely, because,
there’s no point in dwelling on a broken empty situation
which has no love for progress, for gratitude, for positivity
nor feeling blessed.
although what is love when pieces are sharper than
fierce puppy needle teeth
piercing my very being and allowing me to see, to see,
that my latent anger, my fiercely wrought armour,
my defences guarding were no longer needed,
BUT, why look to the past, it’s something to learn from, yes,
but I do not need to allow it to grace my world again.
they are gone, never again to be seen, not even if the mouths
of the world yawned open to engulf me,
or perhaps, in their own twisted way,
reward me.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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