Poem: Rose – 07/08/21

What we are and we feel are two different concepts, notions I need to feel, I watch from within as thoughts build and layers harden then peel like ancient flakes of house paint decorating that life we accepted and treasured within, I know through deep understanding that each flake tells a story, it’s witnessed so much of life to be felt, heard, and seen. [...]

Prose: Ghosts – 12/04/21

As I rest upon the couch, I close my eyes and strangely experience this golden sensation of euphoria. It is like white lace woven with golden glistening lace, and around my forehead I feel this certain aura. It’s odd, this sensation, it is one like a state of bliss, it is encompassing my upper face now and throbbing almost from within. Suddenly, something mischievous and perhaps malicious passes through me and then am wearing this slightly deranged grin upon my face. It’s as though a spirit has overtaken me for the moment [...]

Poem: In-Between – 24/09/20

My land of In-Between is glorious, that space which cannot be defined, can’t be plotted, accurately located, yet it houses my wealth of memories, my heartfelt song, prose, poetry, the magic of my inner layers which are only conducive to goodness, kindness, and moral wealth. Imagine a cloud-speckled sky, with Sun gently winking, mischievousness in her eyes, [...]