Poem: Distance – 06/08/21

the distance between myself and the south side
of that road,
the longest path I’m sure some have
ever known,
try to tiptoe along the lane,
whisper under breath,
assertions born tame,
but they are still valid,
present they be,
a jolt, a justification seems questionable,
but in the end, both visions and truth
are vividly seen as the same.

and now, as I wander down
the evergreens which line
the pavement, luscious trees,
ever beautiful, ever seen,
flourishing, blossoming,
while I, I circumspect,
within there is much to
be seen.

what to view? you might wonder,
as I physically wander, whilst I myself wonder,
there seems not much, but there is
too much to ponder,
I must make allowances,
the membrane of my mind is
calling for something more,
to comprehend, from yonder,
what’s awaiting me,
what’s in store?

let me see what there is to gain
from dancing through rapid-cycling
thought trains,
take a ride on the great red caboose,
the trajectory, its path,
there is much to transport,
have I the capacity, mental fuel?
why, of course I do.

and as I hop aboard this vehicular entity,
parading around the south side with
ridiculous ease,
I no longer wonder,
and damned will I be to wander,
when I can take the heights of self-indulgence
to an nth degree,
carry it around with me

with great honour.

and prismatic will that be,
rainbow glow, hues,
I’m not afraid to show a glimmer,
a glittering
ride those streams of consciousness,
bare the nudity that comes with
baring one’s soul freely.

there’s no ego,
no arrogance,
when all I wanted
was to share a window within.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Caleb Jones on Unsplash

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