Poem: Her Sorcery – 13/08/21

Haunted are her eyes above a winsome smile, wistful character is she, hoping for more in a while. Fallen by the wayside, all her trickery, her witchery, her cosmetics, her haberdashery. By goodness what is told beneath those furrowed brows? Heavy times envisaged, poignant moments told, she loves to flicker her eyes from the land to the sea, a calming peacefulness takes over she. [...]

Poem: Rested Mind – 10/02/21

We went through isolation, lockdown for many months, we craved human interaction, now I treasure tranquillity by myself. Before, being between four walls had caused me much distress, now I enjoy the hush of it, instrumental to my peace, the meditative nature of my success. It’s not that I don’t treasure being around family and friends, it’s not that I’m not grateful that some restrictions were made [...]