Poem: Serenity – 14/10/21

Serenity is all around,
waiting to be discovered,
happened upon, found,
mesmerising is the state
when I reach it,
enveloping me
as of late.

The beauty and wonder
are present within me,
I glance within,
watch my being flower,
I’ve not known this
peace before,
what an ultimate surrender.

Envisioning now what it
means to be at ease,
truest feelings
like calm breeze
between hovering leaves,
and admirable,
amazing too, it is
to finally see
that which was told to me,
serenity – I’ll be.

No longer on edge,
anger of yesteryears,
this past is history
even if there’s trepidation ahead,
I’m feeling no fear
because I am at peace,
wonderful sensation,
relaxation, a bubble as
wide as my outstretched arms,
precious heartbeats
dictating this life
of which I am now sure.

I am living in wonder
and knowing real happiness,
this warbling feeling within,
in my chest –
oh, how I am blessed,
I have nothing to yearn for,
precious gratitude do I express,
I am thankful,
in my solitude, in company,
I have had this joy expressed
by close others,
now I’m experiencing it,
and here can I rest.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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