poem: the lake – 11/03/22

with a dear friend around the lake I take a turn and admire ducks, smile at happy mothers children, and puppies with men. I am animated, she listens with quiet calm, by her side, I need no longer need take her arm, for days of physical support are not near, there’s nothing to help me, nor there to fear, while anxiety can burden, it’s not featuring here.

poem: still here despite it all – (repost from another platform) – 01/03/22

~~~~~Still Here Despite it All~~~~~~© 2022 Lauren M. Hancockwhat is it about me that this some of this world seems to abhor? Am I not immaculate enough, in and of myself, to be considered something sightly and toward? Someone worthy of being heard? Of not being ostracised, unread, too? Am I something so abhorrent that [...]

Poem: disarmed – 12/12/21

change is as impermanent as the irreverent footsteps brushing against the floorboards then carpeted pavement travelling toward the bedroom door for a glimmer of your strength as your heart it beats quietly in slumber days well spent days well spent I sigh to myself for I see the journey within your nightly trials in your eyes sparkles glimmer alterations to be observed and saved soul shimmers [...]

Poem: Growth – 31/10/21

sit and contemplatewhat is there to knowwhat is there to sharefrom what has been sownso much knowledgeexperience but they alllay in the pastmoving forwardsearching for moreexploration, positive at lastgrowing each daythere’s no need to turn to dismayfor moments of yesteryears areexactly thatand improvement, well, what is there to fear?I can grow exponentially if I only [...]

Poem: Not Worth The Upsets – 21/09/21

Deliver me from the evils that await at the hands of certain beings, an understanding that what they project in life is the pain they’ve already been suffering, or a notion that the signs they exhibit are the nastiness wrought within their souls, perhaps they’ve been hurt already, perhaps they just have a cruel heart, perhaps we won’t know at all. [...]

Poem: I Do Not Exist, I Live – 15/02/21

Sing to myself, I will this day, there is nothing to perturb me, my worries they have been laid away. I do not exist, I live, broadly speaking I experience, I take, I give, my heart yearns for nothing, I am complete because I’ve accepted the truth of myself, I'm growing more comfortable in my skin. Strength comes from knowing who I am, [...]