Poem: No Lamenting – 12/06/21

Do not come here to lament,
it is not eulogy time.
This is cause for celebration,
poignant moments of her life.

Allow me to demonstrate
why the need to weep
has passed,
maturity, acceptance, understanding,
instead of mourning,
she’d want us to
leap, to dance.

To gain favour
to her memories,
spin! she was strong
with her words,
the values of her heart,

she speaks her mind,
doesn’t allow thoughts to fester,
knowing when and where
they will grow,
from an echoing room,
negativity can depart.

Into the depths
where we can explore,
no reasons to judge
nor deplore,
she’d tell me to
live life to the full,
without her I’d be empty,
that is a certainty, for sure.

Plutonian measures
devastatingly linger in the gloom,
take me back to that moment,
that instance,
when peace and love had
already been, had grown, so pure.

Do not come here to lament,
for she is here,
with us,
precious time,
lovingly ours and forevermore
will our tales remain intertwined.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image Pixabay on Pexels

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