Poem: a land of complications – 06/11/21

positively brightening
what is there to come?
a world of complications? But a heart won’t come undone
I learn from each mistake, take on life lessons at hand,
and understanding every moment has its consequence,
I’m more well-equipped, skills at hand.

I know that I should be strong
I know that certain pathways were wrong
I understand that the future is bright
if I accept it, in a way to behold,
because there’s nothing wrong
with being myself and more
so we shall not bother to deal with any
reckoning from others about my soul.

I am quieter, I am softer, I am gentler and this
is the truth,
from bombastic to controlled,
I guess tiring was the former view,
to be something more with the click of
a finger, is this what the aim is for?
My demeanour tender,
I will rise above and beyond,
I already am, already have,
I’m sure,

the devil’s in the details but no mention
needed of him,
because I can see my future,
and well, let me tell you,
there are things I want and need,
come to fruition,
growth from mere seeds,
slowly, slowly, sure,
I will traverse this land of complications,
allow me to see this through.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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