Prose: The Path of Self-Acceptance – 19/09/20

I lay my head softly to rest. It is morning, but I have been awake since eleven in the eve. I don’t toss and turn like some do when their mind is at unease, but I feel the dismay within. Or it may in fact be vehement, it may be sorry, it may be “How did I find myself in this circumstance?”, my life begs of me, tells me there’s other ways to go, and I wish I were strong enough right now to explore those paths, to find a different way for myself. Change appears to be [...]

Poem: A Gentle Reminder – 16/04/20

Bulging eyes like those of a mute man’s persuasion, an idiomatic world wreaking destruction with its occupants not any worse or well off than the land they stand upon, Ingot! Ingot! Who told me you’re the one?   I never put on the shield of makeup without first assessing the importance, painting, changing, it’s all [...]