Poem: A Mirror of Blossoming Colours – 05/10/19

 Stardust, starlight and blossom so bright,
A mention of colours I see tonight
Be they bold, subdued, or delicate, or brutal,
I see them;
Internally, I can feel them.
It is as though each colour has an emotion,
I assign a meaning to each shade, each hue,
Only I absorb their meanings,
I can hear them,
Can they feel my appreciation, too?
Like a beautiful tropical bloom in my sight,
The combinations become heightened
As my emotions grow in power,
There is nothing beyond my colours,
but an ephemeral fog which will last and obscure us
for a little while longer.
But the shades, oh, the shades,
How they make me feel such tender turmoil,
Their assigned meanings remind me of
The yearning years
Where I was delicate and life was anything but simple.
Where I ached for someone to truly notice my colours
The uniqueness that my vibrancy displayed,
How I wasted many years chasing other shades
Not suited to me,
Monochromatic in shade.
I thought they were right,
I thought they would complement me,
But my hues were too flamboyant and different,
I wasn’t accepted -
Always viewed as something other than wanted
Usually indifferently,
An undesirable, unpopular oddity.
But now I can bloom with brilliance
Just like this summoned flower before me
In fact, it is as though it is my mirror
Reflecting myself back at me.
I no longer need to hide away,
I can blossom and shine without doubt
Without feeling afraid,
The absence of approval is easy enough to do without,
And my true self I do not need to disguise or hide away.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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