Poem: Anything But Ordinary – 30/12/19

 Allow me to throw all this 
 seriousness out the window,
 watch it rise, then drop, go, 
 weighted, begone!
 It’s as though an exhilarating breath 
 has been taken inside of you
 Inhale, exhale, you crave another round.
 Where life could be so simple, 
 so pure, so you,
 one of perfection, a life of independence,
 where in this life, of your reality,
 everything is light, feathery, and airy. 
 Your words move softly from your lips,
 your fingertips dance over naked skin,
 and touching your arm makes the 
 hairs on your neck raise,
 you don’t need another here, 
 to feel grateful and amazed.
 Because you are perfection, dear, 
 even with your self-labelled flaws,
 they’re your signs that you are unique,
 be careful with your heart,

 do not denigrate yourself,
 talk down internally 
 because you, sweetheart, 
 are anything but ordinary.
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
 All images signed “LMH” 
 are copyrighted by Lauren M. Hancock 
 and all rights reserved, 2019.  

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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