spoken word: united as one – 05/01/22

united as one recording my mind,my heart my body my soulthree unite know my allto time I am like a raging river gushed by a future seathere is reverence, not irreverence, yearning, deep within metemper yet the strangeness the dictations and rhythms of timesmile widely in the circumstancesbaby girl you’ll always remain minethere are times [...]

Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Navin Manik and Lauren M. Hancock – 29/11/21

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my dear friend, Navin Manik of Navin's Poetry to write and record together a piece together. Please visit his site for his amazing spoken word and poetry. There you will find soulful, striking, deep words from his very soul recorded, performed and shared. We sincerely hope you enjoy our poetry project, Implore.

Spoken Word and Poem: over – 28/11/21

excited parallel universe where our motives selfishly meant were never truly met but in our beings we felt those irrevocable dents start to mend or were they beginning to spread? hard to decipher, the sensations felt young crushes soft passions gentle touches flushed complexions rough grabs forced giggles becoming something I didn’t want to acknowledge to please to be to allow him to feel to see “me” being right for him

Poem/Spoken Word: insomniac – 15/11/21

never again will I allow myself to fall upon the railway sleepers walking insomniac nightly anything but a daydreamer eyes wide, hollowed, intrigued, not: I will follow the path of rightness – aliveness and damnation? NO attack that silence and go. zombified, staring at the keys pretending to be straight when my intent is bent sniggering to myself boy am I so clever im going under into the depths of my distress [...]