Spoken Word and Poem: over – 28/11/21

excited parallel universe
where our motives selfishly meant
were never truly met
but in our beings we felt
those irrevocable dents start to mend
or were they beginning to spread?
hard to decipher, the sensations felt

young crushes soft passions
gentle touches
flushed complexions
rough grabs forced giggles
becoming something I didn’t want to acknowledge
to please to be to allow him to feel to see “me” being
right for him

always that alteration for them
never for me
motivations incorrect
feelings, felt
theirs, mine?
I’m not certain
though during the time,
a certain type of divine victory —
in that moment, they, he, whomever,
were mine.

the chameleon-like transformation,
the desire rising and gaining
and now
the self-annihilation:
who am I really
when I’m being something falsified for another?

playing these games all well and good
but for some time
losing sight of my inner flowers
blossoms growing stagnant
fragrance now putrid and pungent.
for the scent of desperation and
conformed coercion
was, well,
so wrong.

and now I’m older
I won’t allow this again for myself I will rise from these rubbish requests
these wanton blatant desires
specific request, the audacity,
I cannot get over,
change yourself?
I didn’t request any amendments for you,
because I’m not rude in that manner.

This, whatever it was, I am over.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. (Artwork, recording, and words)

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Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose

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