Spoken Word Poetry Collaboration: Implore – by Navin Manik and Lauren M. Hancock – 29/11/21

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with my dear friend, Navin Manik, of Navin’s Poetry to write and record together a piece together. Please visit his site for his amazing spoken word and poetry. There you will find soulful, striking, deep words from his very soul recorded, performed and shared.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our poetry project, Implore.


The breaths I take
The steps I sway
When I dance on my feet
My ground is change

The heights I stare
The case is space
The light has shades
The dark isn’t just pain

I see the sane
When I saw the chain
I tear the deep
When I drop the waves

The colours I blend
The Universe I paint
The eyes then glare
The divine through pen

I expand upon
an inner sense
of personal justice
social soul well meant

I know I know
the ability for
personal growth

is well rooted deep within,
for every passing second
my efforts are tirelessly sown,

my chest expands
my heart, it flows
rich with breath, mighty effort
stallion-like strength –
continuous insistence,
and sound temperament.

our steps in time
pirouetting groundwork
yours and mine

our knowledge together
brought closely in life
we stare down the precipice
and soar, divine,

unknowingly yet aware
we become entwined
intent and more
this World we explore

for reaching our Universe’s heights
sights and sounds
enriching our abilities
our minds implore.

Copyright © 2021 Navin Manik Poetry and Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Video and sound editing by Navin, violin track and artwork by myself.

You can also find us on Instagram.


      1. You’re most welcome, dearest Lauren. Always. You are two of my favorite people and poets, it’s an honor to be here with you both and experience your lovely work. Have a lovely day/evening! 💖💖


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