Improvisational Poetry: “The Cacophony Cease!” – (Poem, Recording, Discussion) – 28/06/20 Click image to listen to "The Cacophony Cease!" in browser or on SoundCloud. Method discussion below poem. "The Cacophony Cease!" I feel the reverberation through my fingertips, through my bones, into my marrow,   a source of quiet vitality in which I encase certain memories, certain experiences, so potent and noxious they should only [...]

Poem: First and Foremost – Spoken Word and Text – 25/06/20 Jovial and content, happy, playful, sweet, a way of living has evolved from haphazard, crazed dreams.   Where I tumbled from one scene to another, trying to find where I belonged,   acceptance, love, were what I was seeking, the line thrown to reach them rigid and taut.   No more slapdash or faux [...]

Poem: The Thundering Waves – Spoken Word and Text – 22/06/20 The quiet solitude as waves roll in, their silent crescendos, thundering vibrations only I can feel within.   The rumbling of their presence marks tremulous tumultuous moments, fear impending, a sense of doom all around.   When did I sign up for this battlefield?   One in which only I can sense and anticipate, [...]

Poem: Something Dear and Personal – Spoken Word and Text – 19/06/20

"Something Dear and Personal" - Spoken by myself. If something deeply personal is what you want to read,   by all means settle in, grab hot cocoa, or steaming cup  of tea.   What can I share? What will I reveal? Grab desperately  from my past?   Drag forth contentious, gossip-worthy, or scintillating news?   [...]

Poem: When She Comes Undone – Spoken Word and Text – 18/06/20

She’s had enough. Life, with its cruel measures, she’s defeated, broken, dare say surpassed feeling rough, her thoughts may not terrify, but they will reveal salted, open wounds. What is the point in detailing mediocre thoughts, some things which, in the moment, seemed thoughtful, and loving, caring, or clever, but of these qualities, her thoughts [...]