Poem: vivid radiance – 30/11/21

look at this breath
this baby’s hum and warmth
permeating the surface of peonies on show
i cannot care any more than I already do
for this exquisite view
between hearts wrought,
tapestries bursting, sewn full.

my soul speaks of the injustice
of being made to wait so many years
but here I am
willing, able, ready,
I live my life, in full,
with another I need not yearn
nor contemplate
for if the right being
soars floats,
temporarily, ephemeral, my way
I’ll be gracious and kind and understanding,
welcome them solemnly to further stay.

a flitting of gossamer I spot at the corner
of my harking perceptive eyes
the signs of sprites waiting to celebrate
a meeting set to occur with ease?

I can only hope
but carry on, carry on,
there is no need for stomach to yearn nor churn
seasonally thoughts will gather
and perhaps an encounter, chanced, will please, occur.

for now though
full am I within for the righteous will appear
or vanish whenever they want to surprise or delight me,
there is little right in holding expectations
to beings who live so free,
brandishing hope and understanding
time precious time
will help me
allow me,
willingly to see.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

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Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose


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