Poem: Returning to the Strings – Spoken Word and Text – 12/06/20

Spoken by Lauren M. Hancock.
I feel inept,
my instrument
has not been touched
for months.
I blow aside the proverbial dust,
hold my violin up,
my fingers grasp it somewhat awkwardly,
how could I have allowed
my practice to lapse?
No excuses of being
too busy,
but rather lacking
the motivation
to allow my fingers
to become less lazy.
I try to drag the bow
across the strings,
skating sounds,
harsh tones,
this should not be how
the heart speaks.
I try an improvisation,
a fast, hindered passage
no delicacy,
no tones so loving,
where are the docile tunes?
I am disappointed in myself,
if I had kept up the hard work
there would be less difficulty
for pleasing notes to be heard –
time to dedicate myself
to the hard work
once more.
But the recurring scales now,
with their tedious requirement,
because of my returned boredom
they will be ignored.
Best to explore,
regain my interest
in this beautiful wooden structure,
let it return as a dedicated pastime
my skills, will they shine bright?
When will they return?
With time, they will,
I am sure,
I will work arduously
at acquiring and fostering them again.
Soon enough, wonderful melodies
sing from the strings,
I sway with the rhythms,
the emotions,
the feelings,
though it took time
to return to a level of skill
acceptable for my high standards,
there’s always room for one
to progress even further.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Walter Wellborn from Pixabay 
Music "I Don't Want To Do This Without You", by Midnight Feeler, from YouTube Library.

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