Poem: Something Dear and Personal – Spoken Word and Text – 19/06/20

“Something Dear and Personal” – Spoken by myself.
If something
deeply personal
is what you
want to read,
by all means
settle in,
grab hot cocoa,
or steaming cup 
of tea.
What can I share?
What will I reveal?
Grab desperately 
from my past?
Drag forth
or scintillating news?
Will I or won’t I?
That’s what you need to ask.
Is it really necessary,
am I required to 
put on a show?
A song and dance 
of history
of what I can recall,
detailing what you may 
want or need
to know?
Why, no. 
No, no.
There is no need for a show.
But if there were, 
it be:
even provocative?
My goodness, no!
I am all subtleties,

watch me as I respectfully curtsy,
a dainty pirouette and now
we’re back on topic,
will I let the revelations
flow with ease?
Because I can test
your patience by slowly,
dragging out
the rocks and pearls 
of the past,
but what would be 
the point?
It is better to 
look forward,
the Past’s ship
has sailed,
To the future
we are delivered at last.
Stories of old
may have their place
in a certain context, 
but for me,
they rule no realm,
in my world,
they have no
victorious reign,
no power can the Past itself proclaim.
Moving forward,
I’m looking abroad,
no furtive glances behind.

Will you look at me?
I’ve advanced myself:
my goodness,
oh, Lord! 
No firm facts here delivered,
lips tightly sealed
protecting a personal, precious prize.

The past shall remain a closed book,
it's what I've realised and decided,
no need to ride those monstrous waves,
the future, 
to me, 
looks perfect.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image: by myself. 
Background music: Documentary Background Music by AShamaluevMusic: 
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 

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    1. Funnily enough, I was having difficulty selecting an appropriate image for the poem, then I thought, “Why not just take a partial photo of myself?” I’m happy it suited the piece in the end.


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