Poem: Invincible – 12/04/21

Sometimes you think you’re invincible, 
able to take on the entire world, 
chest puffed out, 
arms proud, 

but darling, understand the situation 
and the weaknesses, 
I wouldn’t want you to be unnecessarily 
harmed or pained for a short while. 

Take some deep breaths, 
know that you’ll progress without this bravado, 
you don’t need to show off to others, 
you don’t need to be acknowledged widely for your
inner and outer strength to be known. 

Everything will be fine if you leave it alone, 
the world will keep turning on its own, 
events, disasters, 
negative persons, 
all will rise and fall without the throw of little stones, 
calling of names, or smiles turned into violent frowns. 

Take a leaf from my book, 
isn’t it easier to remain calm, 
isn’t it smarter, wiser, to be truthful and wear that mark 
upon your arm, 
there is no need for armour when 
your heart is already in a mode of protect, 

no need for assault or retribution
to those who have been niggling for so long, 
intruding on a life from times now so old. 

Leave him, 
leave the situation, 
allow the feelings to rise, 
be filled to the brim, 
but then dissipate, 
there’s something poignant in crying out
the anger then allowing it to echo away, 
its very own din.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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